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How to mix with a high dynamic range - an explanation.
An interview with Kevin Schilder has been added.
Fantasia sampler (GM-compatible, PC 88) is now on sale in standalone VST and Kontakt 5 sampler formats.
Woodblock sampler (GM PC 115) is on sale in Kontakt 5 sampler format.
Alternate Doom secret sound for ZDoom/derivatives.
Some Doom music has been added.
Some Doom II music is now up too. Guitar tuning tones are up for tuning a six-string guitar to C.
Hexen and Mageslayer soundtracks are back online and available for download.
Joomla version has been upgraded to 3, which of course has degenerated in some ways (article buttons had to be fixed and overridden from their crappy obfuscated 3.0 state).